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Itís In the Name... Itís All About Who You Know...
ECA... Whatís in the name?

ECA is a boutique public relations and lifestyle management agency whose reputation has been built on the results we achieve for our clients. ECA delivers fresh ideas that get our clients noticed and keep their images and businesses growing and prospering.

Our philosophy: Itís in the NameÖ Itís All about Who You Know, is based on the premise that in order to thrive and be successful in todayís world, itís all in the names of the individuals that you know.

At ECA we realize that not everybody has the ability to communicate with the industryís movers and shakers, that is why all of our PR and Lifestyle Management Services are designed to make sure that the key publics in your industry are kept informed of your latest happenings and developments, all while ensuring that you have the lifestyle tools needed to properly foster these key components.

Our integrated approach uniquely blends business acumen with creative verve to deliver the highest-quality, customized public relations and lifestyle management services to sports figures, entertainers, celebrities, as well as public and privately held companies.

We devise, set and implement proactive lifestyle strategies, goals and PR campaigns. Specializing in a variety of lifestyle products and services, our experts in the worlds of sports, entertainment, beauty and fashion develop awareness, create buzz and build your business through media relations and celebrity association.

We create successful PR programs that will get the word out about you, your accomplishments, products, and services in a way that creates a sense of urgency with your publics. Our approach is to work with you to create a program that meets your goals and objectives, from launching a new brand, to creating opportunities to reach a new pool of consumers. We pride ourselves on being an agency that will be available when you need us and have the right connections to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Every client has a story and we learn how to best tell yours with a team that becomes a virtual extension of your business. Led by senior-level talent, we consistently add the strategic counsel that your public relations and lifestyle objectives merit. This proven, time-tested approach, enables ECA to create, assemble and implement plans that yield relevant, measurable exposure and results.

ECA is committed to excellence fueled by nimbleness, responsiveness and access to senior level counsel and service not commonly found at large firms. We offer our clients the same quality services as larger agencies, but with a more customized approach.

The Ebony Camille Agency

ECA delivers fresh ideas that get our clients noticed and keep their images and businesses growing and prospering.


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