When I started The Ebony Camille Agency in 2005, I didnít quite have a clear vision of exactly what would be accomplished through the company. To be sure, I knew The Agency would be an expression of my passion for creativity and problem solving, as well as a relentless drive to accomplish great feats and an unyielding belief that fortune favors the bold. Yet I wasnít quite certain how to translate these values into something greater than myself.

Then, through other satisfied client referrals, prominent establishments such as The Orpheus ďJustoĒ Faison Mix Tape Awards, Ultimate Hair, Konvict Muzik, Author Mark Curry, One on One with Maurice Miles and several others, each entrusted the Ebony Camille Agency to help accomplish their goals. With each expression of gratitude from companies delighted with our results, the methods of ECA became clear:

• We would first Listen.
• Then Create. And listen some more.
• Then Service. And listen some more.
• Then Accomplish.

Our greatest strength has come from partnering with our clients, being inspired by their vision while infusing our own zeal to deliver results far exceeding expectations. We enjoy working with clients that we can be passionate about, for our ability to guarantee satisfaction with our work is dependent on the passion with which The Ebony Camille Agency was founded. We donít believe there is any other way to do good business.

Through the years ECA has evolved into a team of people dedicated to listening, creating, servicing, and accomplishing. We continue to build our expertise in our specialized areas of sports, entertainment, beauty, and fashion.

Our proven track record shows that we excel in areas such as securing key press hits, creating image and brand identity with media and consumers, positioning products and services as must-haves, influencing the influential, and providing unmatched client service.

Our team offers years of experience having worked across every aspect of the entertainment, lifestyle, consumer, and corporate PR spectrum bringing a fresh perspective and innovative ideas that produce results.

Thank you for taking time to discover more about The Ebony Camille Agency. We welcome an opportunity to discuss with you how we may be able to help you build relationships with your customers.

The Ebony Camille Agency

Our team brings years of experience having worked across every aspect of the entertainment, lifestyle, consumer, and corporate PR spectrum.


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