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Media Relations
The essence of PR is media relations, an art form requiring an ability to translate your company into a succinct narrative that makes media representatives feel compelled to tell the world about you.

The Ebony Camille Agency’s (ECA) diverse client list has enabled us to sharpen our talent, giving us the creative spin necessary to develop story angles that garner feature coverage in a variety of media. This relationship with major print, electronic and broadcast media give our clients exposure in a range of outlets. We work tirelessly to execute our strategic marketing plans to keep our clients current and in the public eye.

Event Planning
ECA's event planning team is consistently planning events and preparing our clients to attend certain star-studded events that are also imperative to exposure. We also work closely with community-based organizations and non-profits that specialize in events geared toward uplifting society.

Image Refinement
ECA is a boutique public relations firm that specializes in presenting clients in their best light. We help develop our clients by providing:

  • Media Training - We prepare clients on what to expect when interacting with media. We provide hands-on counseling on how to relate with journalists—how to tell their story so that the media understands and conveys it accurately, leaving no room for error. In addition, we create strategies to answer tough questions gracefully.

  • Public Speaking Consultation – Public speaking exercises help train our client’s speech and annunciation, allowing them to master the art of communication during performances, speeches, and interviews.

  • Etiquette Training – Etiquette training focuses on basic codes of conduct in business, dining, and general communication.

  • Image Development – We encourage clients to feel comfortable in their own skin; however, sometimes it is necessary to make minor adjustments in order to be your best self. We work very closely with our clients, to help them own the message and brand they wish to present.


The Ebony Camille Agency is revolutionizing the way our individual and corporate clients spend their most valuable asset: time. With endless commitments to work, family, friends, clients and even inner self, we know it is often impossible for our clients to accomplish everything they’ve set out to do each day. Their need is to spend this precious time focusing on the most important elements in their personal and work life, without wasting time on the details. At ECA, we understand the value of time. We strive to bring balance back into the lives of our time-starved clients by offering affordable, professional, and innovative solutions to the everyday problem of "too much to do, with too little time". While offering simple solutions to create a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle, our company also provides businesses with the tools to create better working environments for their employees and create the staying power to compete with the changing technologies of the 21st century. Our time management solutions are designed to maximize productivity in the home/work place and reduce the stress of today's modern life. Lifestyle Management serves as the time management solution for many organizations and individuals.

The Ebony Camille Agency

Partnering with our clients is our greatest strength. Being inspired by their vision while infusing our own zeal to deliver results far exceeding expectations.


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